Restore American Values

We need more than anything else, to be willing to fight for freedom, free markets and traditional American values. I feel this is what the American people want to see this administration and the Republican Party return to. We have a task in encouraging our children and future generations to come, to return to those values. We must guide our future generations to a safe and prosperous future. A country that accepts one million legal immigrants with open arms a year, immigrants that who strive to become part of the American dream. We welcome these legal immigrants with open arms.

Message of Equality

Have we forgotten that everyone is equal, and we all have the right to our opinion? The hostility is offensive, and no one should ever feel insulted, intimidated or humiliated when their opinions differ from others.

Border Wall

I believe we need a wall to keep drugs and illegal aliens out of our country. Funding border security and a physical barrier/ a wall to keep Americans safe should be our top priority. Senators Obama, Schumer, Clinton and 23 other Democratic Senators all voted for a physical barrier in 2006. Now the democrats are playing with our security, because they do not want President Trump to have fulfilled another election promise.


The democratic platform has become “not a single dollar” for a border wall, full term abortions, to getting upset that a known terrorist was killed, Medicare for all, getting rid of private health insurance. Free college tuition, taxing earners at a very high rate to pay for these “free” programs. This is hypocrisy in action.

Our Veterans

Our Veterans can teach us a lot about heroism and sacrifice. Our Veterans love our country and have great hopes for it. So do I, and for that reason, I can speak candidly and critically about it. We all have benefited greatly from freedoms that exist in these our United States of America’s. The future belongs to those who believe in the American dream. Those who are willing to work hard and have satisfaction of a job well done. We need justice for all, not a separate system for republicans and democrats and non-political citizens. We need justice to protect the unborn, the most vulnerable in our society.